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About Us


The Agency for Health Economic Assessment and Dissemination – AHEAD - is a specialized consulting agency that supports clients in the planning, generation and dissemination of health economic evidence as well as in obtaining market access and reimbursement in Germany.

​​The AHEAD philosophy is to provide high-quality, product-specific and client-need-specific consulting & research activities that will be delivered on time.







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Bjoern Schwander

General Manager



Wilhelm-Leibl-Str. 7

D-74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany

Phone + 49 (0) 7142 914 1470

Mobile + 49 (0) 1577 194 8125



Please download and save the AHEAD - Capability Presentation.and the AHEAD Presentation of Health Economic Showcases.

Our professional indemnity and general liability are secured by the exali insurance for consulting companies.


​We are happy to announce the publication of our joint research named “Nutrition-Focused Care for Community-Living Adults: Healthcare Utilization and Economic Benefits” in Value in Health Regional Issues. Great thanks to the whole author team and especially to the lead author Suela Sulo, PhD and Cory Brunton MS, BSN, RN.

​​I am really looking forward to the ISPOR EU meeting in Vienna. Please let me know if you will be there so that we can reconnect in person. Please also consider simply stepping by during one of my poster presentations (EE411 – Tuesday 8th Nov. 15-16h and EE566 – Wed 9th Nov. 9-10h and). Hopefully see you there! ;-)


We are happy to announce the “Open Access” publication of our joint health economic research named “Does the Structure Matter? An External Validation and Health Economic Results Comparison of Event Simulation Approaches in Severe Obesity” in PharmacoEconomics. Great thanks to the Maastricht University, Dr. Klaus Kaier, Dr. Mickaël Hiligsmann, Prof. Dr. Silvia Evers and Dr. Mark Nuijten whom participated to this research!

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